Advisory Services

Leverage our partnership to establish Best Practices, drive efficiencies, & lower costs.

We embrace carrier partnerships and are recognized as an industry leader in building strategies to improve relationships.   Beating down our valued transportation providers for higher discounts will never create long term sustainable success.  Shippers need a deep understanding of every metric impacting the cost of transportation by mode.  

Together with transportation providers, our team will provide extreme transparency to align unique shipping requirements to the carriers’ cost drivers.   The alignment of shipper service and packaging requirements enables the proper agreement structure to balance carrier profitability while reducing transportation costs.   

Benefits of Contract Optimization

  • Understanding shipping characteristics in business terms
  • Opportunities to expand carrier relationships to lower risk
  • Reduced cost by leveraging existing contract concessions
  • Enhanced knowledge of carrier cost models to approach negotiations more effectively

Transportation costs are unlike material and labor business expenses.  Freight is dynamic and is impacted by a significant number of different factors and requires a deeper understanding than other commodities.  Benchmarking your supply chain against the competition is not just about carrier rates.  Smart shippers evaluate internal business processes and industry performance indicators to drive continuous improvement for this ever-changing segment.  

How effective are your internal processes and controls?  Are your carrier contracts right sized for your organization’s needs and shipping volumes?  

Benefits of Industry Benchmarking (covers all transportation modes and services) 

  • Defines Best Practices for your freight processes
  • Identifies risk-reducing opportunities and defines disaster recovery strategies
  • Delivers the necessary insights to define superior cost efficiencies

CFOs and CPOs demand and deserve better performance.  Executives can no longer sit on the sidelines watching their freight budget balloon to all-time highs.  It is the time of BIG transparency as well as BIG data.  Shippers need to understand they can tap into the same data that carriers utilize to develop their costing basis.  

There may be nothing worse than a FREIGHT request for a proposal.  Ranking right up there with a root canal.  The good news is that it does not need to be this repugnant relationship-busting process.  TruLogistics’ proven process is designed to transform the dated RFP (freight-as-a-commodity approach) to a more focused strategic partnership agreement. 

Benefits of TruLogistics’ transformative approach to the RFP process

  • Incorporates a strategic plan with a benchmark baseline by utilizing current market data & rate indexes
  • We are experts in the translation of data into meaningful metrics that will result in cost reduction
  • Our unique approach, to not just advise, but transfer knowledge to your organization produces sustainable value

Financial Services

TruLogistics’ automated audit and reporting platform is critical to financial and accounting stakeholders.   Elimination of manual processes and the incorporation of best practices will improve the accuracy of accruals and coding of logistics charges in real-time.  

Our industry-leading and proprietary platform monitors and creates accrual reporting showing budgeted, shipped, as well as billed costs (monthly, quarterly, or yearly) for financial reporting requirements. 

Utilizing our business-focused tools, Finance and Accounting teams will have accurate record-keeping of their transportation spend and the additional insight to partner internally within the business to discuss spend reduction and optimization strategies.  

Our web-based transportation business intelligence solution validates payment liability and automates even the most complex financial accounting cost allocation.  Accounting and Finance teams can have full confidence in the accurate allocation to internal cost centers and application of corresponding GL coding.  In addition to ensuring budgeted spend is aligned with actual spend, GL coding will help provide transparency from the most detailed level up to executive oversight.  

Allocation issues are flagged immediately; enabling quick resolution before errors turn into issues and eliminating unwanted surprises for financial management.  

Our clients reduce transportation costs simply by implementing an effective, meticulous audit of  carriers’ invoicing.  Disputes and resulting credits are resolved electronically prior to invoice settlement.  

As much as 80% of transportation invoices contain errors.  For companies that care about fiscal responsibility, utilizing a freight audit provider is a necessity.  

Benefits of Freight Audit

  • Strategic transportation intelligence analytics for business planning and forecasting
  • Improved transparency for contract negotiations
  • Automated audit process that negates the need to allocate valuable internal resources
  • Contractual verification of pricing and concessions
  • Prevention of overpayment resulting from billing errors, shipper inaccuracies and mis-applied accessorial fees
  • Comparison of budgeted vs. actual costs
  • Elimination of error-prone manual processes

Our clients reduce transportation costs simply by implementing an effective, meticulous audit of carriers’ invoicing.  Disputes and resulting credits are resolved electronically prior to invoice settlement.  

Payment Terms Optimization

Freight Intelligence

The more complex your needs are, the better we can perform for you. Transportation Spend Management (TSM) is a data-driven approach to analyzing, optimizing, and leading the financial & operational performance of your logistics. These factors directly impact spend and deliver value to customers. Furthermore, they are a comprehensive, integral and complex part of a superior supply chain. Having all your transportation data normalized and interpreted in one place is the key to making precise decisions when needed. Our platform provides visibility into trends with customized KPI metrics that are co-developed with your organization and fine-tuned over time. 

When it comes to supply chain speed and efficiency, Freight Intelligence is a basic business requirement.  Not only does the data classify as ‘big data’ and analytics, but it is a pivotal role in the business of transportation.  

Any organization without the tools to capture the minutia of transportation data is destined for inefficiencies.   The increasing complexity of transportation information, from order fulfillment to manifesting and carrier invoicing, requires the ability to normalize, interpret and perform computations to transform the data into useful, actionable business-ready insight.   

The ability to capture and transform big transportation data into consumable information throughout the organization is fundamental for TruLogistics. 

Informed decisions require the conversion of carrier data into freight intelligence.  Measuring your transportation provider’s performance is a fundamental requirement to ensure the rendered services are meeting contractual terms as well as delivering the expected value.  Just as the carrier’s billing process has evolved exponentially over the last 5 years so has their ability to self-report on 5 important metrics.   

  • Service failures
  • Invoice accuracy
  • Communication transparency to improve your cost optimization
  • Claims management
  • Transparency in capacity

Logistics and Supply Chain

Leveraging the principles of lean management, we will partner with your team to lower transportation costs by analyzing the supply chain end-to-end.  Mapping your organization metrics, as compared to benchmarks of best-in-class performers, we develop a plan to eliminate waste and optimize supply chain spend.   Implementing a continuous improvement culture based on real-time business intelligence.

Too big for small package delivery yet too small for truckload?  Our team of freight pros will deliver safe and reliable Less-than-truckload solutions.  Less-than-truckload shipping made simple.  

  • The best available transit times and more economical rates 
  • Experienced support 24×7 access for rates, routing, tracking, & more
  • Freight desk services to manage customer service, pickups, & tracking 
  • Transportation Management System provides a self-service, easy-to-use platform
    • BOL & Pallet label creation
    • Rate shop multiple carriers for total landed cost inclusive of accessorials and surcharges
    • Compare service levels and days in transit

Demand for trucks is at a historic high. Are you meeting your customers’ demands?  Do not panic. If your full truckload shipping strategy is feeling the pressure from over-capacitated networks, we are here to assist in providing cost effective & secure carrier options whether you have one shipment or thousands.  Let us help manage your costs in this rapidly evolving market.

  • Our brokerage team will find the trucks you need- when you need them  
  • Our FTL providers are fully vetted with 24×7 monitoring via GPS tracking & Geo-fencing
  • We can assist at any level – transactional, contractual, route guidance, and dedicated fleet

Regardless of requirements or mode, our team will find, book, and monitor shipping options to ensure on-time delivery.  If you have urgent, emergency, or time-critical shipments, you do not need promises. You need performance and we are here.

  • Cargo Van
  • Sprinter
  • Hot Shot
  • Straight Truck
  • Team Drivers
  • Courier 

As a valued partner in the healthcare transportation industry, our team is experienced in sourcing secure shipping solutions to manage temperature-sensitive shipments from varying delivery times to specific temperature ranges. 

Our temperature-controlled carrier network provides surface expedited services to more affordable ground and Less-than-truckload (LTL) services. Our diverse options help provide reliable deliveries within the U.S., specifically dedicated to industries such as healthcare, pharmaceutical, and medical devices. 

  • Temperature-controlled LTL and pool distribution   
  • All trailer and equipment sizing     
  • Temperature and Geofencing reporting 
There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to a successful implementation of a transportation management solution.  Whether you have invested in an existing solution or plan to source one, our team will assist you in getting the most out of your investment. TruLogistics deploys a multi-provider, non-asset TMS strategy ensuring the optimized solution for your company. We work with multiple best-in-class technology service providers to fit your budget and needs.   Our clients utilize state-of-the-art technologies with cloud-based or on-premise software. Subscription models and other financing options are available to meet your needs.  Our experience is key to having you up and running in weeks, not months or years. We can also help validate your legacy system’s viability and accuracy. 
  • Multi-carrier LTL rate loads
  • UPS, FedEx, USPS manifesting systems 
  • Rate shop with service level optimization
  • Full EDI capabilities 
  • Bill of lading and label generation 
  • Tracking solutions
  • Manifest-to-invoicing audits
  • Right carrier selected reporting

Effective management of your inbound logistics is vital to reducing transportation costs.  Automated routing guides, shipping processes, carrier rating, service selection, and reporting are all critical components to improved efficiency and lowered cost. Leverage our on-demand, web-based TMS platform to automate the inbound transport or return of product.  

Our carrier neutrality ensures the most cost effective shipping method, such as Full Truckload, Less-than-truckload (LTL), or small parcel (FedEx or UPS).

Real-time, anytime, anywhere- you will have visibility into all shipments.  Vendor compliance is now a breeze.